Auna Zimmer is a creative writer and artist from the east side of Michigan. She completed her Bachelor's degree at Western Michigan University. 

Auna has always been in love with the arts, her first dream being in the form of a cheetah jumpsuit as she thought she was destined to be Shania Twain. She plays the trombone, guitar, and bass ukulele, and considers herself a mezzo despite what others think. Being a creator, she loves getting her hands dirty. Her favorite forms being in photography, metals/jewels, and sculptures made from unusual mediums. She has dabbled in theatre since she was 12 years old and has taken part in many forms of the craft including the pit orchestra, backstage, and set design as well as being on stage. She wrote her first story when she was 10- it was 60 pages of one run-on sentence with a decent storyline. She's gotten a lot better since then thanks to autocorrect, google, and student loan debt.

Auna has a whimsical, comedic, and positive outlook on life. She believes there is always more to learn no matter who you are or what you do. She enjoys reading, film/television, world history, art, biking, and competitive swimming. Her passions are writing, photography, and travel. Her favorite destinations being New York City and Chicago.

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